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Nowadays, there is a lot of discussion about 5G and its promising services beyond the 4G LTE network. Global operators are investing billions of dollars to upgrade their core businesses and access network infrastructure to support new services for consumers and businesses. This article is the fourth part of this series, focusing on the current leadership of 5G infrastructure. In the first part, we analyze the intellectual property rights and patent leading position of 5G. In Part 2, we dig deeply into the 5G chipset ecosystem. In Part 3, we examine manufacturers that integrate 5G components from other manufacturers into smartphones, laptops, hotspots and other emerging forms.

Future carrier networks will face 5G and support new services such as enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB), ultra-reliable low-latency communication (URLLC) and large-scale machine communication (mMTC). This meets the bandwidth, latency and intelligence needs of different services, enabling 5G networks to grow more and connect everyone to everything. The field of B2C will develop from pure video to digitizing our personal life. B2H will further develop digital entertainment and smart home through fixed wireless access (FWA), and B2B will gradually penetrate into key vertical industries. Among them, B2H FWA will be the first to put 5G into commercial use. Business model may need to be changed, especially in terms of brand, service model and charging indicators. With the business restructuring and innovation of vertical industry occupying the central position, B2B industry applications will become the key areas for operators to succeed in the medium and long term.

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In order to support a wide range of new 5G services, it is necessary to diversify services on the same network. Differentiation and balance are important, especially in mobility, number of connections, E2E latency, reliability, mobile data volume, service deployment time and energy efficiency. As the pipeline and information superhighway of 5G network, the transmission network needs to be intellectualized to meet the special needs of 5G service. The challenges faced by 5G transmission network, such as high bandwidth, low latency, complex connection, time synchronization, fragmentation and intelligent operation and maintenance, require smooth evolution and rapid adaptation to make intelligence and cloud become reality. Overall, with the evolution of 5G services and value chain, traditional operators are gradually building a multi-level business model based on connectivity. In terms of interconnection (connection, mobile edge computing, slicing), platform (IaaS, data platform, such as IoV, video surveillance), integration (one-stop industrial integration), operation (E2E operational services, such as UAVs, VR) and so on, a multi-level monetization concept has been formed. From the perspective of the relationship between solutions and equipment providers and operators, with the change of operators'business philosophy, the network construction of 5G transmission network will inevitably change.

AT&T's white-box blueprint "decouples hardware from software", so any organization can build compatible systems that run other software. This will provide flexibility for the cellular gateway industry and security built on interoperable, long-life-cycle platforms. The white box specification seems to have nothing to do with the operating system. However, routers often run Linux-based NOS stacks, which do not seem to change with 5G.

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Publishing specifications to Open Compute Project, an organization that helps standardize Open White Box design, departs from the traditional practice of contracting with a few vendors to build proprietary solutions for cellular routers. AT&T's next-generation router blueprint will make any hardware manufacturer willing to establish a standard competitive order. By attracting more manufacturers, AT&T aims to reduce costs, stimulate innovation and meet 5G's "surging data demand" faster.

Chris Rice, Senior Vice President of AT&T Network Cloud and Infrastructure, said: "We now carry more than 222 Pb of data per working day on average." "The old hardware model can't keep up at all. We need to be faster and more efficient."

Reference design blueprints are said to be flexible enough to enable manufacturers to provide customized platforms for different use cases. AT&T said that in addition to providing faster mobile services, AT&T's 5G services will also provide new applications in such areas as "self driving cars, UAVs, augmented reality and virtual reality systems, intelligent factories" and so on.

Some new functions of the core network include machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), virtualization (NFV) and software definition network (SDN). Benefits include faster deployment time, improved uptime self-repair, and network slicing for guar.

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