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Verizon has said for years that it plans to shut down the CDMA 3G network by the end of this year. This plan is still valid unless you are one of the few Verizon corporate customers who have signed up with operators to continue using the 3G protocol.

Nicki Palmer, Verizon's chief network officer, told Light Reading: "We have a long and well-thought-out plan to phase out 3G and switch to other technologies." "We also stopped approving new devices with 3G capabilities. This is another step that we will take later. We have said publicly that we will shut down the 3G network by 2020. However, what I want to tell you is that we have signed several contracts with some large enterprise customers, which will enable our 3G network to continue to operate by 2020.

Palmer did not reveal the identities of these customers, but said that the 3G network would continue to be open to them in "a few years".

"Demand for 3G networks has fallen so fast that I think it's in our best interest to cover very thin 3G networks," she said. "Just like the value of an operator, for example, covering the entire network, it will correctly serve those corporate customers who use the 3G network, as well as some Internet of Things applications built on the basis of 3G. This is our present situation."

Palmer went on to say, "Frankly, you don't want 3G anymore... The sooner we cover this thin layer, the better, because we need to relocate the spectrum to the 4G network, which is where the demand lies.

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Verizon initially hinted in 2012 that it would eventually stop 3G services and set a date in 2016: December 31, 2019. Last July, the operator stopped activating 3G mobile phones. However, in the foreseeable future, at least some Verizon corporate customers will be able to stay online.

NITZANEI OZ, Israel and Vilnius, Lithuania, July 30, 2019/NanoLock from the security, industry-only cloud-to-flash, powerful Internet of Things security and management solutions (Internet of Things) and connectivity edge devices, Teltonika is pleased to announce that the leading manufacturer of Internet of Things connectivity solutions, in cooperation with NanoLock security, provides Additional optional security layer RUT955 professional mobile router. Teltonika's routers are often deployed in remote areas of the public domain and are considered highly secure by the market. However, as more and more critical infrastructures are connected to a unified system, security threats become more and more important. Therefore, strong protection against internal and external network attacks is needed. To achieve this high level of security, Teltonika and NanoLock revolutionized cloud-to-flash technology cooperation to achieve an optional additional security layer.

NanoLock Security provides cloud-to-flash protection for the Internet of Things and connection devices, such as routers, by blocking access to firmware, boot images, and key code through hardware trust roots in flash memory. This method places the root of trust in the flash memory of the device, effectively protects the connected edge devices from persistent attacks such as VPNfilter, and allows trusted remote management and control of the device. Nanolock protects and monitors the edge devices of the connection from the moment they are manufactured in the factory. Through secure wireless (OTA) upgrades, NanoLock protection will continue when the device is in operation and exposed to vulnerabilities, thus extending monitoring and protection throughout the life cycle of the device. This approach is independent of the processor and operating system, and requires little processing power or additional energy.

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"In Teltonika, security has always been one of the main areas of our product development. We are pleased that the industry recognizes this and has chosen Teltonika network devices for many security-sensitive key infrastructure projects. Now, we are happy to provide more security for our partners through NanoLock. We chose to work with NanoLock Security because we wanted to ensure that our RUT955 not only provides high-performance, mission-critical cellular communications for Internet of Things applications, but also provides iron-plate network protection for the most demanding applications needed, "said Mindaugas Navickas, head of operations and marketing at Teltonika. "NanoLock's solution protects routers from device flash. Even if processors, software or networks are hacked, we can also protect Teltonika customers'devices and data."

Of course, Verizon is not the only wireless network operator to shut down the aging network and replace it with a faster and more efficient network. For example, AT&T stopped serving 2G wireless networks on January 1, 2017. According to the company's filing documents to the Securities and Exchange Commission at that time, the company had a total of 4 million customers using its services.

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